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We are key players within a society, inspired to educate, motivate and create a positive change to uplift the standards of living of the society. We seek and provide a variety of options on wealth generations and basic necessities fulfillment by conducting thorough market research on regulated and unregulated platforms.

AXCHAIN aims to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent microfinance institution that provides financial assistance to the underprivileged, including senior citizens, women, handicapped, and those living below the poverty line.

Our Story
AXCHAIN is constantly striving to identify and generate wealth from an abundant pool of opportunities in today’s growing economy. Our years of research and dynamic strategy offer a unique business platform which ensures high returns for our investors and associates. Grow with us!

Our Mission
To create and enrich a cashless society.

Our Vision
To provide an outlook of the growing economy and the possibility of financial market evolution through a Global Systematic Infrastructural platform to reach a million members by 2020.

  • 7 Aug 2017

    We would be having more workshop and courses dedicated to the new technology improvement. Please follow us for more info :)